Отзывы клиентов о тренингах и внедрении SCRUM

На LinkedIn заведена группа участников тренингов компании SCRUMguides. Там вы можете получить живые отзывы о нашей работе.

Ниже мы приводим некоторые из рекомендаций, которые нам дали наши клиенты и коллеги с 2008 по 2013.


Bashmakov Pavel, CEO, Stanfy
Nataliya is a very reliable partner and a great leader for any organization. She can inspire and push your moves toward astonishing results.

Eugene Kovalov, CSM, KoloGlobal
“Natalia, great scrum coach. Helped to clarify ambiguities and reduce the resistance of the teams in the transition to Scrum. Even skeptical people, after her training and coaching have realized the usefulness of this framework. Great job Natalie!”

Andrew Garkavyi, COO at Stanfy
“We had a great agile training that was lead by Natalia, which was interesting and informative for everybody involved. Can recommend Natalia as an engaging coach and an expert in the area. It was great to work with her.”

Vladimir Shchegel, Team Leader at KoloGlobal
“Natalia is amazing Agile Coach with a focus on teamwork and soft skills. Thanks to her two days training, even the most skeptical employees, contracted the idea of Agile approach in the product development. In result – managers have started to trust teams while the teams stopped to avoid responsibility.
Her workshops with plenty useful techniques help our teams to look under a new angle on the seemingly usual process features.
Also, Natalia is a very open person. She is always ready to help with advice in difficult and unusual situations”

Alexander Korotkikh, X1 Group, Software Developer
“Nataliya is an experienced trainer and coach who is very inspiring to work with. She conducted a workshop about incremental development in a company I’m working for. It was really interesting and helpful, all participants said that everything we were told and we did is highly applicable on practice.”

Артур Локайчук, Senturia, CTO
“Наталья прекрасный тренер с глубоким пониманием методологий разработки и организации групповой работы. Во время 2-х дневного тренинга, ей удалось создать потрясающую атмосферу, вызвавшую у участников желание развиваться и повышать свою эффективность. Тренинг помог по-новому взглянуть на процессы в командах, зажег энтузиазм и поднял вовлеченность сотрудников. Восхищает способность Натальи глубоко понимать суть возникающих вопросов и давать ответ выходящий за рамки предполагаемых вариантов.”

Сергей Сидоренко, Levi9, Скрам-Мастер
Наталья опытный коуч с большим опытом командной работы и проведения тренингов. Ее наблюдательность, помогает взглянуть на различные ситуации внутри команды со стороны.
Как коуч, она владеет искусством задавать отличные, провоцирующие размышление вопросы. Как ментор, давать советы и помогать найти лучший выход из ситуаций.  Если организации необходимо поставить или улучшить использование гибких методологий – приглашение  Натальи однозначно правильный выбор.”


Igor Mikhalev, Manager Software Development, at Reed Elsevier
“Kirill is a very confident, resourceful, and experienced Agile trainer. Our software development teams have greatly benefited from his training program that is built upon latest developments in the field, and geared towards a company’s situation by preliminary interviews and process audit.

Coaching sessions were extremely helpful to crystalize team’s knowledge and resolve the majority of applied questions.”

Serge Buyanov, Software Developer, Reed Elsevier
It is felt that Kirill is encouraged by the subject of the training, which he conducts. He tries to avoid the beaten language and stereotypes, calls to try different approaches to gradual improvement of the process.
The training process for it, no way to assert dogmatic formulations, as a way to force the participants to jointly think about making changes to the process for its improvement.
Some people from our team decided to become Scrum masters after the training, although before that they were skeptical.


Dusan Kocurek, Founder, [email protected]
“Alexey has started something amazing in the Central and Eastern Europe. He is the source of agile fire that covered the CEE region after he organized famous Agile Eastern Europe conference. His job is the inspiration why there were so many conferences in the following year.
We, [email protected], had a great opportunity to get Alexey to provide the first Scrum master class in Slovakia. His presentation style, a lot of examples, agile games incorporated into the class agenda while still focusing people on most important agile principles, all of that was the reason of the success we had together. See faces of the people

Radu Davidescu,Team Leader Internet Channel at ING Bank
“I contact Alexey because I need an Introduction to Agile and SCRUM framework coach for my team at ING Romania. He respond promptly and set-up quickly and abroad session. When he got into Romania I was impressed by his qualities: fresh, practical, energetic and energizing for the team. My team respond very well to his coach. He quickly leverage his qualities and and scale up the events becoming a great organizer for the best Agile conference from Eastern Europe. Alexey is a worm and emotive person, coaching with his mind but from his soul. During training sessions he bonds the class and deliver quality presentations and interactions.”

Dmitry Sharkov, Founder and CEO at DIMALEX Software
“I’ve hired Alexey as a Scrum trainer for my company DIMALEX (enterprize web, mobile and desktop software development). Results after this training were amazing. Our process became more manageable and started to deliver more value for our clients not alerting the cost at all. I’m recommending Alexey as brilliant Scrum trainer for any software related projects.”

Nikolay Pavlov, Founder at idom.net.ua, Kubiz LLC
“Alexey is a very powerfull SCRUM coach. Due to his efforts, was laid a good foundation for the creation of the team and the iDOM project.”

Ivan Mosiev, CTO at WDG
“Alexey is excellent agile-coach. He has good knowledge of agile-based processes and excellent presentation and communication skills. His training helped our company successfully start and accomplish one of the best our projects”

Andy Selutin, CEO at QWAY-Solutions
“We have invited Alexey for 2-days SCRUM-training for our web development team. This was really great expirience for us ! Besides that fact that we have got huge amount of information about AGILE/SCRUM methods we also have received answers to ALL our questions regarding problems and advantages of using this techniqs in REAL projects. All members of our team really enjoyed to communicate with this incredibly interesting and professional guy !!! ” 

Liana Shishkina, Project Manager at Yukon Software Ltd
“Alexey is a greatest coach i ever met! He could easily find personal approach for everybody, he is creative, innovative! Alex has many ideas, knowledge background and thoughts how to improve personally yours processes. Alexey is a free-minded and open person, and it is pleasant to communicate with him. I could tell many many many nice words about Alex, but it is better to meet him once and you will immediately understand what I’m trying to express” 

Max Kolodezniy, PHP developer
“Алексей Кривицкий – прекрасный тренер. После его тренинга, посвящённого Scrum и Agile методологиям мы смогли внедрить Scrum на длительном проекте. Благодаря фантастическому балансу игровых элементов с теорией и практиками Agile тренинг прошёл легко и оставил яркие впечатления. Рассмотренные практики прекрасно нашли отражение в ситуационных играх и Алексей как тренер смог вовлечь в этот процесс всю команду.”

Robin Dymond, Managing Partner, Innovel
“Alexey Krivitsky is a leader in evangelizing Scrum and Agile in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. He is passionate for improving the lives of software developers and spreading knowledge of Scrum and Agile. His focus has lead to Alexey to creating events like Agile Ukraine and Agile Eastern Europe. This events have helped create a robust Agile community in Ukraine. This community has widespread benefits to outsourcing companies, local IT businesses, and the people who practice software development every day.
As a trainer in Scrum and Agile Alexey is innovative, fun, and very effective. We have co-trained many classes together and I have complete confidence in his abilities to teach these ideas. I would highly recommend Alexey Krivitsky as a Coach, Trainer, and awesome freeride skier.”